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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer here, contact the BDC. We're here to help! 

1. Why locate to the Northern Panhandle? 

  • We are strategically located to 50% of the U.S. population. We are within 500 miles, a one-day drive, to this market and available workforce. 
  • The Ohio River provides access to barge transportation as well as recreational activities. Interstate or equivalent four-lane highways are easily accessible. Also the Pittsburgh Airport is within twenty miles. 
  • Life in the Northern Panhandle is relaxed with a low crime rate. Recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, snow skiing, golf and mountain biking are easy to get to. Professional and college sports choices are plenty, with Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Wheeling and Youngstown close by. 

2. Who are the current major employers in the area? 

3. Are there any incentives provided by the state? 
The state provides a menu of credits ranging from R&D to manufacturing investment (capital and sales tax) to warehouse "Freeport" Credits. There are other incentives that may be appropriate for your business. 

4. Do local banks participate in state related financing plans? 
Yes, many local banks have already worked with the West Virginia Development Office loan programs. Most of these banks have also worked with the Small Business Administration loan program. Local Banks: 

5. Are there any programs for workforce training and development? 

6. How do property taxes compare to surrounding states? 
Ad Volorem property taxes are local taxes and the assessed value of non-utility property is set by locally elected officials. Brooke and Hancock County rates on each $100.00 valuation for class III property range from $2.25 to $3.31 depending on district, and inside or outside city limits. 

7. How do utility costs compare to other areas? 
Click here for comparative rates. 

8. What properties are currently available for development? 

Three Springs Industrial Park is a 130-acre site adjacent to US Route 22 in Weirton. The site is inside a 600-acre Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District established by the city in 2004. Available parcels in the Park range in size from one (1) acre to forty (40) acres. Brooke Industrial Park is located in Beech Bottom and consists of 17 acres along Route 2 near the Ohio County line. Other sites are scattered throughout the two counties and vary from greenfields to brownfields.